Sylvania T8 Luxline Plus F58W 865 | 150cm – Daylight


Sylvania T8 Luxline Plus F58W 865 | 150cm – Daylight
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Sylvania T8 Luxline Plus F58W 865 | 150cm – Daylight

Fluorescent tubes require a ballast and fluorescent fixtures will have either a conventional (electromagnetic) one or an electronic one.  It’s easy to figure out which type of fixture you have because the ones with a conventional ballast also require a starter.  If your fixture doesn’t have a starter, then it has an electronic ballast.  No the type of fixture you have, this Sylvania T8 fluorescent tube will work with both.

Sylvania T8 Tubes Luxeline Plus measure 1500mm x 26mm in diameter and are a direct replacement for your old standard T8 tubes for significant energy savings. They will provide you with a high lumen (light) output.  These Tubes are equipped with G13 cap ht of day. The color rendering index is also excellent, above 80Ra. In addition, the lifetime of Sylvania T8 F58W / G13 Luxline Plus Daylight Deluxe 865 is up to 20000 hours. These lamps are also very energy efficient, they have an energy rating of A.

Sylvania T8 classified F58W / 865 G13 Plus Luxline Sylvania T8 F58W / 865 Daylight Deluxe are used for daylight-type lighting in factories, workshops, offices, supermarkets, hospitals and meeting rooms.

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Dimensions 180 × 26 × 26 cm